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If you have serious yearning for an original “Casablanca” movie poster (27” x 41”) and about $20,000, or you just can’t live without  owning an original “Gone With The Wind” poster,  Concept Productions can satisfy your craving within a few days.  Owner Fred Goodwin started Concept Productions in Orlando, Florida in 1988.  Moved back to Murfreesboro - Nashville, Tennessee where he could be centrally located to  travel the Southeast and Midwest United States.

He supplies merchandise for Hard Rock Cafes and Planet Hollywood Cafes.  He has already  “worked very closely” with Universal Studios on their historical memorabilia.  It’s no wonder.  With credentials like his: a personal library of  over 200,000 records, over 1,000 reference books on films, nearly 500 reference books on the music industry, and a strong knowledge of public  domain, copyrights and such, Goodwin is liable to need several clones of himself to keep up with the demand.

His 35-year involvement in the  music industry naturally landed him in Nashville where he gained a reputation  as “the foremost western music historian in the country.”  He  handled the re-release work for Roy Rogers and Sons of the Pioneers, garnering a Grammy nomination in 1980 for his Columbia Historical Edition  Album.  Fred’s memorabilia is available for purchase, but there are no catalogs or showrooms.  Keeping his prices “at or below market value”  means inquirers need to know what they are looking for.

If Fred does not have it, he has sources where he can locate almost anything you might  want in the area of original movie posters, old publicity stills, or music soundtracks, from the 1940s through today.

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